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Meet Shaun Ellis, a fearless wolf behaviour expert with extremely unorthodox methods of study.

You could be excused for thinking this is the stuff of Hollywood legend, the idea that man is transformed into a werewolf under a full moon, but this is a true story. Wolves are seldom seen up close and rarely encountered, but one man has crossed the boundaries into their mysterious world.

The Wolfman, a one-hour special, tells the unique story of Shaun Ellis, a man who has given up everything to take a daring and unorthodox approach to understanding wolves’ every move — living and behaving like them, teaching three abandoned wolf pups by example how to survive in the wild. Howling, licking and snarling like them, even eating carcass meat like them.

“Although many people refer to [wolves] as savage killers,” he says, “I’ve come to know and love [them] as family.”

He has been...
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