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She was the largest ship ever built. Believed to be unsinkable, when RMS Titanic went down on her maiden voyage taking 1500 people to their death, it sent shock waves across the world and started a debate that still rages today. Why, when the Titanic received several warnings of icebergs ahead, did the captain steam full speed towards them without changing course? A full two hours after the collision, the Titanic was safely afloat before she inexplicably gave way and took a hundreds of passengers to their deaths. What happened to make her sink so rapidly? For the first time, investigative journalist and Titanic expert, Senan Molony can reveal the real story. In a television exclusive, Titanic's Fatal Fire uses a breathtaking new graphic technique to bring to life, in full moving colour, recently unearthed photographs of the launch and maiden voyage of RMS Titanic. The rare...
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