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Storm chaser Sean Casey customises a pickup truck to fulfil his dream of filming from within the eye of a storm.

This is just what avid storm chaser and filmmaker Sean Casey did in a bid to fulfil his dream of getting right into the eye of a storm and filming the experience. For seven years, Sean has risked life and limb to shoot nature's deadly force but now, he's taking things a step further. Casey is going on a potentially deadly collision course with a twister that will take him deep into its vortex - and he's taking viewers along with him.

With a top speed of 90mph and a 360 degree revolving turret, the TIV is designed to film all the action in the tornado, giving us the first-ever top to bottom picture of a tornado. He will be aided by the expertise of meteorologist Dr. Josh Wurman along with his seasoned storm chasing team and caravan of Doppler trucks. Wurman's equipment can calculate the ground level wind and the force and humidity from the heart of a twister. He's seeking the data from the tornado's most destructive zone - the 30 feet closest to the ground - where Casey will be stationed.

They hope the results will lead to better warning systems and blueprints for more storm-resistant homes. Together, the daredevil filmmaker and the meteorologist are attempting to make history, but can Casey's home-made contraption endure the 200mph winds or will everyone's hopes be shattered with the first puff?