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With 3D graphics, stylized reconstructions and forensic investigations, explore the latest evidence from archaeologists, chemists, geologists, anatomists, microbiologists, and Egyptologists to build the ultimate picture of King Tutankhamun. Heading up this investigation is Egyptologist Dr. Chris Naunton who travels from Egypt’s ancient tombs to some of the world’s leading scientific institutions to discover how new research is shedding light into some of Tutankhamuns most enduring and intriguing mysteries. We examine evidence that the Boy Kings mummified body spontaneously combusted due to unusual embalming methods, and show how modern forensic accident reconstructions and bone tests reveal a likely cause of death. Plus, recent geological and hydrological data support the theory that Tutankhamuns tomb was saved by an "Act of God," a flash flood that struck the Valley of the Kings the same year he was buried, preserving his golden treasures for millennia.