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  • Massive Trauma show

    Massive Trauma

    Phil examines in more detail the exact nature of the injuries sustained by a T. Rex.

  • Recovery show


    Is it possible that a repaired bone could have actually been stronger than the original?

  • In Living Color show

    In Living Color

    Scientist Phil Manning has spent four years researching dinosaur color using the latest technology.

  • Giants Stadium show

    Giants Stadium

    Paleontologists visiting China researching dinosaur color are amazed by the scale of the dinosaur graveyard.

  • Feathers show


    Dr. Manning meets a Chinese Paleontologist to view some bird fossils and receives a rare gift.

  • Color Spectrums show

    Color Spectrums

    Phil demonstrates the natural advantages of color by camouflaging himself during a paintball game.

  • Camouflage show


    Special pigments on frogs and bird feathers reveal characteristics invisible to the human eye.

  • Back to Life show

    Back to Life

    We know a lot about their bones, but almost nothing about dinosaur skin. Now that’s all about to change.

  • A Bigger Challenge show

    A Bigger Challenge

    The Argentinosaurus spanned the length of three school buses and weighed over 100 tonnes.

  • Skin Secrets show

    Skin Secrets

    Phil wants a skin sample to reveal what his Titanosaur really looked like.

  • Leaving Argentina show

    Leaving Argentina

    Rodolfo offers Phil the chance to really get inside the skin of a dinosaur using sophisticated gadgets.

  • Hercules show


    What is the dinosaur’s scaliest, scariest living relative? Can Phil learn anything from its tough skin?

  • Size Up show

    Size Up

    Is the largest dinosaur that ever existed still out there waiting to be unearthed?

  • Long Necks show

    Long Necks

    This is the first time Phil is seeing a life sized Daxiatitan.

  • Limiting Heart show

    Limiting Heart

    How did Sauropods manage to pump blood high enough to reach their brains?

  • Breathe show


    Dr. Manning wonders how dinosaurs took in enough oxygen to function as they grew larger.

  • Nothing Little show

    Nothing Little

    Rodolfo introduces Phil and Bill to a model of the largest dinosaur yet discovered.

  • Beach Monster? show

    Beach Monster?

    Investigators unravel the mystery of a strange alien-like creature that washes up on the shores of Montauk.

  • Drunken Moose show

    Drunken Moose

    Are the moose of Norway running through towns on drunken rampages?

  • Texas Monster Web show

    Texas Monster Web

    Three mysteries are solved in this episode of Wild Case Files.