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  • The Finder show

    The Finder

    An interview with the man who discovered the Saxon Gold.

  • The Farmer show

    The Farmer

    An interview with the owner of the land where the Saxon Gold was discovered.

  • Tony finds gold! show

    Tony finds gold!

    Second part of our exclusive interview with Birth of Britain host Tony Robinson as he shares his excitement after finding gold...

  • Exclusive interview with Tony Robinson show

    Exclusive interview with Tony Robinson

    We caught up with Birth of Britain host Tony Robinson during filming. Learn about his mountain hiking, gold-digging and love...

  • Tony loves Skye show

    Tony loves Skye

    Discover which location Tony Robinson found to be the most awe-inspiring and how he felt to stand in the exact spot where hot...

  • Hetherington on Infidel show

    Hetherington on Infidel

    Tim Hetherington describes his experience shooting still images for his book "Infidel."

  • On Making Restrepo show

    On Making Restrepo

    Director Tim Heatherington describes what it was like to make a documentary on a rustic mountainside.

  • The Story of Rock Avalanche show

    The Story of Rock Avalanche

    The directors of Restrepo recall the tragic and heroic moments of a military operation in the Korengal Valley.

  • Hetherington on Filmmaking show

    Hetherington on Filmmaking

    Director Tim Hetherington discusses the filmmaking strategy of Restrepo.

  • Junger on the Korengal Valley show

    Junger on the Korengal Valley

    Director Sebastian Junger talks about the experience of the troops in the Korengal Valley.

  • Restrepo Update show

    Restrepo Update

    Nat Geo revisits the soldiers featured in Restrepo to take a look at how their lives have been effected after fighting in the...

  • The Military Community show

    The Military Community

    Major Kearney and his wife describe how they lean on other families in the military.

  • The Soldier's Response show

    The Soldier's Response

    The soldiers featured in Restrepo talk about how military members typically respond to the press.

  • Tongue or Hooks? show

    Tongue or Hooks?

    Which is more taboo: hanging from hooks or having your tongue split?

  • On The Menu show

    On The Menu

    If you had to choose, what would you rather eat, a duck embryo or animal penis?

  • Horn or Tattoo? show

    Horn or Tattoo?

    What would you rather have? Horn implants or an tattooed eyeballs? Take a look at your choices.

  • Sheldon Nichols show

    Sheldon Nichols

    Sheldon says: "The art of selling is about selling yourself first".

  • Ben Szymanski show

    Ben Szymanski

    Ben can't explain his fascination with stripping and loves to get dirty.

  • Extended Interview: Sandra Bernhard show

    Extended Interview: Sandra Bernhard

    Sandra Bernhard on Madonna, feminism, and celebrity.

  • Extended Interview: Joan Collins show

    Extended Interview: Joan Collins

    Joan Collins on Dynasty, glamor, and shoulder pads.