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  • Shaman Time show

    Shaman Time

    The Shaman's are ready to start their ceremony but Chris tries to negotiate more time to wait for the right light.

  • Cultural Activist show

    Cultural Activist

    Luis Kolis, a cultural activist, explains what an important role photography plays in revitalizing cultures.

  • The Vandenberg show

    The Vandenberg

    David witnesses the Vandenberg as it is plummeted to the depths of the ocean to form an artificial reef.

  • Panorama Shot show

    Panorama Shot

    For David to get his panoramic shot he will need to stitch together photos taken while swimming along the boat.

  • Take Two show

    Take Two

    Time for Take Two as David again attempts to get his perfect Panorama Shot.

  • The Spawning show

    The Spawning

    David gets intimate with spawning groupers in the hope of capturing something magical.

  • Sinking Ship show

    Sinking Ship

    The moment of truth as David discovers whether or not his strategically placed cameras captured the sinking Vandenberg.

  • High Tech show

    High Tech

    Preparation preparation preparation: The plan is to shoot several photos and stitch them together into one.

  • Top to Bottom show

    Top to Bottom

    Nick's cameras will start photographing the tree from the top down, taking a shot every three metres.

  • Illumination show


    Even in perfect lighting, hidden parts of the tree need illumination. Nick fills in the shadows.

  • Panoramic Slices show

    Panoramic Slices

    After a year of planning and weeks in the field, Nick and his team accomplish something never seen before.

  • Point and Shoot show

    Point and Shoot

    David goes to Rio to find out how they will shape up their bad reputation in time for the 2016 Olympics.

  • Favelas show


    Favelas are a culturally important part of Rio so David attempts to capture the positive aspects that should be preserved.

  • Carnival show


    During Rio's Carnival David gets amazing access and finds himself in the middle of the Parade and a melting pot of cultures.

  • Off Limits show

    Off Limits

    Tensions run high as David ventures into an off-limits Favela in the hope of meeting the Drug Lords.

  • Police Portraits show

    Police Portraits

    Contrary to various warnings not to photograph the Police, David discovers that Rio's Cops are rather photogenic.

  • Medicinal Cannabis show

    Medicinal Cannabis

    Fighting cervical cancer and fibromyalgia, Juliet uses a vaporiser to treat her pain with cannabis.

  • Amsterdam show


    Cannabis suppliers in Amsterdam's 234 coffee shops walk a tight-rope between what is legal and what is not.

  • Secret Garden show

    Secret Garden

    Kingston, Jamaica, a small-time cultivator farms high-grade cannabis with strains coming from as far as Holland.

  • Rastafarianism show


    A Rastafarian poet and reggae singer talks about the biblical and spiritual beliefs behind cannabis for rastas.