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  • Captain America #1 show

    Captain America #1

    WWII era comic book comes into the auction and Shooter doesn’t think he can get what it is worth.

  • Rev Roundness show

    Rev Roundness

    The guys find round ball bullets from the time of the Revolutionary War.

  • Small Bird, Big Personality show

    Small Bird, Big Personality

    Spunky Adeile penguins require extra attention in the new Sea World exhibit.

  • Born In Litters show

    Born In Litters

    Join Neil as he describes how different kinds of stars are born!

  • Is This Water Safe? show

    Is This Water Safe?

    Paul finds a watering hole, but questions whether or not it is safe to drink.

  • Taking a Flying Leap show

    Taking a Flying Leap

    Gliding provides an elegant solution to the challenges of getting around in the canopy.

  • Volcanic Eruptions show

    Volcanic Eruptions

    See incredible photos from the 2010 Icelandic volcano eruption, and uncover the history of this powerful volcano.

  • Home Grow Police Raid show

    Home Grow Police Raid

    Investigators are tipped off on a private home where several live and dried marijuana plants are left out.

  • Dance of Salome show

    Dance of Salome

    In a complicated plot to remove John the Baptist's head, Salome dances seductively for King Herod and is granted anything she...

  • Italian Stallion show

    Italian Stallion

    Shooter knows this Beretta is an easy sell come auction day because it’s in perfect condition.

  • Tokens Tokens Everywhere show

    Tokens Tokens Everywhere

    The guys search a front yard in the French Quarter looking for Mardi Gras tokens.

  • Stunt Flyers show

    Stunt Flyers

    Mike “Rocket” Blackstone takes up a first time flyer in his stunt plane.

  • A Knockout Punch show

    A Knockout Punch

    Learn how the earth became the planet of the mammals after the Cretaceous and what impact it had.

  • The Coachline show

    The Coachline

    No machines or robots to paint the signature coachline! This finishing touch is entirely hand painted... by one man!

  • The Bridge show

    The Bridge

    The Bridge is the most protected area of the ship and can control every inch of every deck.

  • Shark Feeding show

    Shark Feeding

    When scientists fear that tourist shark feed might be hurting these animals, they set out on an expedition.

  • Magicians show


    Pay close attention as this illusionist tricks your brain.

  • Not So Frosty Permafrost show

    Not So Frosty Permafrost

    Things get scary as a scientist rappels down a Siberian permafrost cliff to collect samples.

  • Where's Your Treasure John Lafitte? show

    Where's Your Treasure John Lafitte?

    Tim & KG are on the bayou searching for pirate’s treasure.

  • Don't Get Wet! show

    Don't Get Wet!

    Do squirrels have super reflexes that can save them from getting wet by an exploding balloon?