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  • Venus show


    What would life be like on Venus? Hot!

  • Windy Planet show

    Windy Planet

    Welcome to a planet where winds are stronger than anywhere on earth.

  • Asteroid Cannon Expert show

    Asteroid Cannon Expert

    What impact did this asteroid have on earth?

  • Space Toilet show

    Space Toilet

    How do you go to the bathroom in space?

  • Space Tools show

    Space Tools

    With no gravity, how astronauts build in space?

  • Lava Run show

    Lava Run

    Which types of lava are possible to outrun?

  • Laser Target Shooting show

    Laser Target Shooting

    Scientists test if lasers can power space crafts.

  • Axel Rover show

    Axel Rover

    Over tough terrains, how fast can a rover move?

  • Armed Astrophysicists show

    Armed Astrophysicists

    How effective is our magnetic field compared to Mars?

  • Planet Jupiter show

    Planet Jupiter

    On Jupiter, winds reach over 500mph.

  • The First Hunting Lesson show

    The First Hunting Lesson

    Lions and hyenas face off over a kill and one of the clan makes a fatal mistake.

  • Hunting for Seals show

    Hunting for Seals

    One of the largest concentrations of Great Whites in the world is just off the coast of one of the largest seal colonies, and...

  • Robo Snake show

    Robo Snake

    Can robots help capture some of the world’s most deadliest snakes?

  • Man Eating Crocs show

    Man Eating Crocs

    Brady is on a mission to capture a killer.

  • Buster, Jack & Marley and Sparky show

    Buster, Jack & Marley and Sparky

    Cesar comes to the aid of a professional dog groomer and a house that's full of big dogs.

  • Orca vs. Elephant Seal show

    Orca vs. Elephant Seal

    To orcas, almost every animal -- no matter how big -- is prey.

  • Blackhawck cruise show

    Blackhawck cruise

    At CBP Air and Marine, agents prepare to hit the skies to stop illegal immigrants and illicit drugs from entering the US.

  • Desert sweep show

    Desert sweep

    From the air and on the ground, three components of CBP defend one of the busiest border crossings in the US.

  • Desert Breakdown preview show

    Desert Breakdown preview

    In Nogales, Arizona, CBP officers prevent a wanted man from slipping across the border and uncover a shocking cartel smuggling.

  • Walker Canyon show

    Walker Canyon

    Agent Simon Keller's crew and horse patrols hike up the canyon in search of border crossers.