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  • Kevlar Clue show

    Kevlar Clue

    Ex-cop Bill meets with a materials engineer to discuss the Kevlar fibers found in their target's bag.

  • Shrapnel Injury show

    Shrapnel Injury

    The team investigates whether the target's spinal injury was caused by shrapnel.

  • Tennessee Dog Sled Team show

    Tennessee Dog Sled Team

    Dan visits a Tennessee based dogsled team to find out if the target could be a musher.

  • Psych Data show

    Psych Data

    In their search for the identity of the mysterious person dubbed "California Dreamer," these forensic sleuths analyze the...

  • Pro Wrestling Myths show

    Pro Wrestling Myths

    Danny Inferno dispels some common misconceptions about pro wrestling.

  • Wrestling Injury Inventory show

    Wrestling Injury Inventory

    Pro wrestling isn't fake - and Danny Inferno has many many injuries to prove it!

  • No Faking! show

    No Faking!

    Pro wrestler Danny Inferno shows Nat Geo why wrestling isn't fake.

  • Pitbull Photo Campaign show

    Pitbull Photo Campaign

    Photographer Doug Sonders photographs pitbulls as a part of his “Not a Bully” campaign.

  • The Rifle vs. Drone Showdown show

    The Rifle vs. Drone Showdown

    What happens when a tracking point rifle and an ATI Octocopter go head-to-head?

  • Super Steam Roller show

    Super Steam Roller

    The Dynapac steam roller can crush almost anything to dust.

  • Home Invader show

    Home Invader

    While on a foraging expedition, the badger's home gets invaded by a dangerous porcupine.

  • Venom Vaccine show

    Venom Vaccine

    Badgers need to build up their tolerance for venom and a scorpion is perfect for this young guy.

  • Anteater vs. Termites show

    Anteater vs. Termites

    A giant anteater gets its fill of termites before their tiny bites become overwhelming.

  • World’s Largest Lizards show

    World’s Largest Lizards

    Meet the Komodo Dragon, the world's largest lizard and formidable apex predator.

  • Reptile Giants show

    Reptile Giants

    Just how large can pythons grow? With a changing environment and invasive species, there's no stopping this reptilian giant.

  • World’s Largest Reptile show

    World’s Largest Reptile

    Meet the world's largest prehistoric reptile.

  • Hive Find show

    Hive Find

    Hazen joins a tribe of bushmen in a rather uncomfortable quest for honey.

  • Foraging Under the Ice show

    Foraging Under the Ice

    Hazen tackles his claustrophobia to head underneath the arctic ice and find valuable sources of food.

  • A Bear in the Night show

    A Bear in the Night

    Casey Anderson witnesses some strange behavior on his search for a polar grizzly bear hybrid.

  • Phone Bug show

    Phone Bug

    A resident of an English town is shocked when her phone is bugged in a very creepy way.