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    • Montauk Monster show

      Montauk Monster

      A strange alien-like creature, a lion having a fatal seizure, and a mysterious crime.

    • Texas Monster Web show

      Texas Monster Web

      A park ranger discovers a giant web that looks like it has engulfed the forest. What creature built it?

    • Exploding Toads show

      Exploding Toads

      A robbed coral, thirteen penguins found dead, and toads are swelling up.

    • Blood Red Rain show

      Blood Red Rain

      Villagers hear a sonic boom and wake to see blood red rain falling from the sky.

    • Alien Squid Invasion show

      Alien Squid Invasion

      A voracious monster, invading mice and drown wildebeests on a scale never witnessed before.

    • Bird-Eating Catfish show

      Bird-Eating Catfish

      Pigeons ambushed by a monster, dead sea turtles, and kangaroos crashing into shop windows.