In each episode, we will have 3 teams of one person and one dog. This is 10 days survival challenge, a competition, and one winner in each episode. In a brand-new adventure series, top human-dog teams depend on each other to survive and thrive in the wild. Each week three new teams of man or woman and their dogs embark on a ten-day wilderness challenge testing the limits of their survival skills and the strength of their indelible bond. The team that demonstrates the most teamwork, grit and ingenuity at the end of ten days is declared the winner, proving they have what it takes when they are CALLED TO THE WILD.


  • Called to the Wild: Gimme Shelter
    Under the relentless battering of Northern Maine’s winter weather, a professional dog trainer and her eager Border Collie, an established veterinarian and his young Labradoodle, and a civil engineer with his playful Labrador, set out on a gruelling survival challenge. The teams will have to rely on each other as humans and dogs did thousands of years ago when they are each, Called to the Wild.
  • Called to the Wild: Dog Gone
    As winter approaches, three teams of human and dog pairs will venture into the remote wilderness of Maine on a journey of a lifetime. They will work together to survive off the land for ten blistering days. An Iditarod racing team, a rescue dog and his trainer, and a survivalist with her 8-month-old Lab, take on the ultimate challenge when they are Called to the Wild.
  • Called to the Wild: Bred for Survival
    Three survivalists embark on a journey with their canine companions into the Maine wilderness. A survival instructor, a cancer survivor, and a seasoned fisherman will need to rely on their trusted dogs to find water, secure food, and build shelter during a 10-day challenge. The human / dog packs will work together in order to prove they have the call of the wild.
  • Called to the Wild: Fish or Famine
    A search and rescue specialist, an outdoor survival instructor, and a wilderness enthusiast, along with their aging dogs, encounter harrowing conditions in a brutal survival challenge. As Maine temperatures plummet, and winter approaches, can these rugged survivalists work with their canine companions to endure ten days in the wilderness?
  • Called to the Wild: Barking Up the Wrong Tree
    A homesteader and her 12-year-old terrier, a primitive skills enthusiast and his German Shepherd, and a mountaineer with his Goldendoodle head into the remote wilderness of Maine. For 10 days, the teams will rely on one another for shelter, fire, and food. They will need to overcome extreme conditions, predators, and even injuries, to survive the challenge.
  • Called to the Wild: Battle Buddies
    As winter settles upon Maine’s wilderness, three human and dog teams rely on one another’s strengths to make fire, find food, build shelter, and face mental and physical battles. A decorated military veteran and his loyal service dog, a rock climber and her climbing pup, and an attorney and his hunting dog, set out on a ten-day challenge to see if they have the call of the wild.