We are what we eat!
From our ancestors throwing raw meat onto the fire for the first time to teams of lab technicians perfecting the crunch of a potato chip, celebrity chefs and food experts including Australia’s Curtis Stone, Rachael Ray and Nigella Lawson, explore how humanity’s appetite has altered our planet and made us who we are today.


  • Eat: Story of The Food: Food Revolutionaries
    From Julia Childs launching the food entertainment industry to Birdseye revolutionising frozen food, to the $600, 1000 page Modernist Cuisine cookbook, these are the stories of those who have changed the way we look at, cook and sell food.
  • Eat: Story of The Food: Carnivores
    The story of meat is the story of mankind. The act of prehumans heating their food moved them to the top of the food chain and today, thousands of years we live in a world of meat in a can and grown in a lab.
  • Eat: Story of The Food: Sugar Rush
    Well known chefs and food experts take us through the relationship that humans have with sugar from the first time it was farmed 10 000 years ago through to today’s golden age of the candy bar. The story of sugar is the story of us.
  • Eat: Story of The Food: Hooked On Seafood
    High protein, omega rich seafood has saved humans from extinction and powered us through the era of Viking hordes, revolutions and wars. Well known chefs and experts take us through the history of humans and the fruit of the sea.
  • Eat: Story of The Food: Guilty Pleasures
    In the 20th century, what we eat changed so our great grandparents would hardly recognize it. Today we spend less of our time on food than ever before. How did this happen and what does it mean? Guilty Pleasures explores modern foods uneasy relationship between convenience and quality.
  • Eat: Story of The Food: Baked & Buzzed
    Grains, and the discovery of how to grow and cook them, led to the establishment of agriculture, which ultimately allowed man to end his hunter/gatherer practices and settle into the stay-at-home family groups that formed the earliest civilization. Today, civilization takes grains for granted and in this hour, well explain why that might be a somewhat shortsighted approach! Bread, beer, pasta, pizza, noodles and rice make the world go round and every culture has some kind of variation on these culinary themes.