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The volatile climate of Southeast Alaska challenges Port Protection’s residents who live on the edge of society. Gary battles father time while securing needed resources. Curly pushes through in the wake of a tragic loss. Mary faces her fears to survive in extreme conditions. Sam fights to preserve the only lifestyle he’s ever known. Squibb looks to improve upon his surroundings. And Stuart deals with past injuries as he battles the elements.


  • Lawless Island: Cost of The Paradise
    As winter approaches in Port Protection, residents must be prepared or face dire consequences. Open deer season provides Gary Muehlberger with an opportunity to stockpile meat for the season ahead. Stuart Andrews and Dave Squibb combine to fish for halibut to fill their freezers. In the wake of Jethro's passing, Curly Leech trains a new dog for life in Southeast Alaska. And Mary Miller faces her fears to harvest firewood for the coming winter.
  • Lawless Island: The Company of Wolves
  • Lawless Island: Trial By Fire
    In Port Protection, a symbiotic relationship with Mother Nature is vital to survival on the remote Alaskan island. As winter approaches, Gary Muehlberger works to fall a massive tree to restock his firewood. Mary Miller contends with an unexpected guest while harvesting needed protein on the seas. Sam Carlson and Dave Squibb design a new device that will help the ecosystem. And Curly Leech and his new puppy head out on the dog's first goose hunt.
  • Lawless Island: The Crusher
  • Lawless Island: Dangerous Grounds
    Residents of Port Protection must complete vital tasks before winter, and they must often enlist the help of family or friends.
  • Lawless Island: Blood And Snow
    Residents of Port Protection survive the midpoint of winter using old techniques and knowledge that has been acquired over the years.
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  • Lawless Island: Playing With Fire
    During the brutal winter season, residents of Port Protection must ensure their safety at all costs. As members of the Volunteer Fire Department, Sam Carlson, Dave Squibb, and Stuart Andrews must carry out an emergency fire drill. Curly Leach teaches Mary Miller the art of trapping. Gary Muehlberger enlists help to make vital repairs to his fishing boat. And Matt Carlson and Kaylee Burk take their daughter on a scouting mission for key resources.
  • Lawless Island: Eyes of The Forest
    As fall fades into winter, residents of Port Protection must adapt to the whims of Mother Nature if they are to survive. Gary Muehlberger takes to the forest to acquire valuable marten furs.
  • Lawless Island: New Blood
    As winter looms in Port Protection, its residents both young and old must prepare for the harsh days ahead, or face dire consequences.
  • Lawless Island: Dark Days
    As winter descends on Southeast Alaska, residents in the remote village of Port Protection must combat deadly conditions in their quest for survival.



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    Lawless Island

    The volatile climate of Southeast Alaska challenges Port Protection’s residents who live on...

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