Humans and dogs have a long, intertwined history together. Through the eyes of each of them today, we can see the evolution of that relationship. 15,000 years ago our relationship with canines changed forever. Once destined to be adversaries, they became our partners, and even like kin. Now an elite few continue to embrace this primordial bond across species in order to thrive amid some of the most gloriously unspoiled yet mortally unforgiving wilderness left on earth.


  • Man, Woman, Dog: Fetch It Up
    Willie traps a beaver for the winter harvest for his family. Barton teaches his cousin Stone how to train his dog Sansa, how to retrieve on a range. Tripper breaks his leg and must undergo surgery to correct it.
  • Man, Woman, Dog: The Leader of the Pack
    A new guard dog spends her first overnight with the herd while Barton’s labs jump into a real duck hunt and Freedom faces challenges at the beach.
  • Man, Woman, Dog: Running From Wolves
    Ivan’s neighbor, Donna helps to train Ivan’s dog Brownie to help the family herd their cattle. The Berrington twins enter the Iditarod 2020 race after selecting their two sled teams. The Tozer’s go ice fishing as a family and try to avoid wild wolves in the process.
  • Man, Woman, Dog: A Leap of Faith
    Joe takes his dog Tripper ice fishing for his first trip after his many surgeries. Barton teaches his dog Vader to duck hunt in the woods. Ivan and his herd dogs safely return home with their goats for the winter.
  • Man, Woman, Dog: An Ancient Bond
    Herding dog Brownie moves his goat herd. Labradors learn instinct versus instruction to find their mark. Cree dogs protect their humans and help find food.
  • Man, Woman, Dog: The Training Game
    Alaskan huskies train for the Iditarod while a Dutch Shepherd struggles on a canoe in Canada and Montana guard dogs protect their herd from bears.
  • Man, Woman, Dog: A Trusted Companion
    The Tozers hunt down a moose with the help of their hunting dog, Callie. Bethany Ramsey, co-owner of a Mississippi Kennel, bonds with Wella, a labrador after she saves the life of one of Wella’s nine newborn puppies. Joe Robinet gains closure when he sets out on an adventurous camping and fishing trip with his new dog Tripper, two months after the loss of his long time canine companion Scout.
  • Man, Woman, Dog: Far From Home
    Joe & his companion Freedom travel the U.S. in their van together in search of their next adventure. While in Alaska, the youngest Huskies are taken north to the Denali Highway for their first multi-day training experience running on the snow. Meanwhile the guard dogs watching over the herd in Montana must take defensive positions as they attempt to ward-off several looming predators.



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    Man, Woman, Dog

    Humans and dogs have a long, intertwined history together. Through the eyes of each of them...

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