The Latin American Narco Wars are spiralling out of control. Despite the $1 trillion spent on enforcement and the 2.5 million death toll, more illegal drugs are being produced, trafficked and consumed than ever before. Featuring interviews and action filmed with key players on both sides of the law, this 10 part series will examine the drug wars - both past and present - to explain why.


  • Narco Wars: The Mob: Episode 1
    Carmine Galante was the mafia boss who industrialized heroin smuggling into the U.S. in the 1970s. A brutal psychopath, he let nothing stand in his way and recruited ruthless Sicilian henchmen to do his bidding. But greed and ambition got the better of him and he provoked the anger not just of other mafia bosses but his own recruits -- and paid the ultimate price.
  • Narco Wars: The Mob: Episode 2
    With interviews from Long John Martorano’s family, criminal associates and the prosecutor who brought him down – this episode reveals, in a documentary first, how Martorano built a meth empire worth $500m in Philadelphia in the 1980s. Martorano made millions from trading P2P, the precursor chemical required for meth; but was eventually brought down by his supplier in an FBI sting operation.
  • Narco Wars: The Mob: Episode 3
    In 1980s New York, John Gotti breaks the Mafia’s most sacred rules to protect his drugs empire. He kills the boss of one of the most powerful crime families in America, seizing power to become the infamous ‘Teflon Don.’ But while Gotti enjoys his newfound celebrity status, the FBI mounts a covert operation to bring him down. And when greed and arrogance get the better of Gotti, his most trusted captain turns rat, exposing him and threatening the future of the New York Mafia.
  • Narco Wars: The Mob: Episode 4
    After helping convict 38 high-profile mobsters including John Gotti, Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano attempts to go straight. But his kids are recruited by an Ecstasy dealer and the police are soon on their trail. After going undercover at raves to catch them, the cops use wiretaps to secure their smoking gun: In February 2000 Sammy The Bull is caught financing $70,000 for a 10,000-pill shipment.
  • Narco Wars: The Mob: Episode 5
    Henry Hill was just a low-level Mob associate. But his 1980 arrest for drug dealing brings about the downfall of the Mafia crew responsible for the largest heist in U.S. history. Immortalised in the Scorsese classic “Goodfellas”, this is the real Henry Hill story as told through previously unseen photos, newly unearthed wiretaps, and exclusive interviews including his ex-wife, Karen Hill.
  • Narco Wars: The Mob: Episode 6
    The Rizzutos were one of the longest ruling dynasties in Mafia history, they built a multibillion-dollar cocaine empire that spanned two continents. They forged daring alliances - from Colombian cartels to biker gangs - and controlled an international crime consortium that supplied tons of cocaine to the U.S. and Canada. But in a world where loyalty is sacred, it only takes one rat to destroy everything.