• Port Protection Alaska show

    Port Protection Alaska

    Port Protection is about people who have left behind normal society and chosen a different life in a remote Alaskan community.

  • Troubled Waters show

    Troubled Waters

    During the unforgiving winter, Port Protection residents must turn to their lifelong talents in order to survive.

  • Do Or Die show

    Do Or Die

    Despite the chilling temperatures, residents of Port Protection must continue to work if they wish to sustain their lives on...

  • On The Edge show

    On The Edge

    In the season finale, as winter nears its end the residents of Port Protection prove themselves worthy adversaries to its...

  • Cry Wolf show

    Cry Wolf

    With the days getting shorter and temperatures dropping, the residents of Port Protection must make preparations for Alaskas...

  • No Pain show

    No Pain

    Dodging disaster and surviving in Port Protection requires its residents to be masters of hunting, gathering and building.

  • The Power of One show

    The Power of One

    Living in Port Protection is a never-ending education on the art of survival, and residents must use their own creativity to...

  • Chasing Ghosts show

    Chasing Ghosts

    As winter takes its hold, the independent-minded citizens of Port Protection turn to each other to keep their community thriving.

  • Wise Guys show

    Wise Guys

    As the temperatures drop in Port Protection, it is critical that residents continue to survive despite the cruel environment...

  • Water Works show

    Water Works

    Life in Alaska never slows down even in winter. Residents build a water catchment system, trap fur, collect logs and rescue an...

  • No Place Like Home show

    No Place Like Home

    With winter looming, the residents of Port Protection must rely on each other to prepare for the harsh months ahead.

  • The Kill Shot show

    The Kill Shot

    At summer’s height, Port Protection residents set out to the wild to score winter protein. Sam builds Troy a handmade kill...