• Wednesday 31 May 2023 at 11:00PM
  • National Geographic
  • Port Protection Alaska show

    Port Protection Alaska

    As winter approaches, residents of Port Protection battle to survive the harsh Alaskan wilderness and continue their...

  • The Kill Shot show

    The Kill Shot

    At summer’s height, Port Protection residents set out to the wild to score winter protein. Sam builds Troy a handmade kill...

  • Breaking Ground show

    Breaking Ground

    Residents of Port Protection must work tirelessly to maintain their place in the unforgiving wilderness. Sam and his son Matt...

  • The Swimming Dead show

    The Swimming Dead

    The citizens of Port Protection race against time to prepare for the brutal and unforgiving winter. Squibb helps Troy take the...

  • Halibut, Hoist and Home show

    Halibut, Hoist and Home

    The villagers of Port Protection unite to prepare for the brutal winter. Matt helps Carl and Morgan construct a problematic...

  • Fortune Favors the Bold show

    Fortune Favors the Bold

    For the citizens of Port Protection, nothing worth having comes easy. Oliver tries his hand at constructing a bush washing...

  • Float-house Resurrection show

    Float-house Resurrection

    With spring in bloom, Port Protection’s residents are dealt a series of obstacles and opportunities. Squibb attempts an...

  • Locked and Loaded show

    Locked and Loaded

    In Port Protection, residents must rely on both brain and brawn if they wish to outsmart mother nature. Oliver and Breanna...

  • Bear Hunt Revisited show

    Bear Hunt Revisited

    The residences come together, combining old wisdom with youthful strength to ensure the future of Port Protection. Sam, Carl...

  • Rising from the Ashes show

    Rising from the Ashes

    After losing community elder Gary Muehlberger in a tragic house fire, the residents of Port Protection are forced to confront...

  • Water Works show

    Water Works

    Life in Alaska never slows down even in winter. Residents build a water catchment system, trap fur, collect logs and rescue an...

  • No Pain show

    No Pain

    Dodging disaster and surviving in Port Protection requires its residents to be masters of hunting, gathering and building.