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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ABU DHABI bringing ten parts of shark-infested programming. SHARKFEST takes you up close and personal with one of nature's most feared - and often misunderstood - predators. Sharks are often considered as dangerous killing machines, driven by their primal instinct. To dispel this image, this film intends to break down these preconceived ideas and reveal the lesser, gentler known aspects of the nature of sharks: delicate, timid, ingenious, harmless.


  • Sharkfest: Most Wanted Sharks
    There are millions of sharks in our oceans, but a select few are so fascinating, they've become worldwide celebrities. Whether it's the biggest great white, the most photographed tiger shark, or the shark known for jumping 100 feet up out of the water, we're diving into the stories of the greatest shark stars of all time, each with their own legion of social media followers.
  • Sharkfest: Alien Sharks
  • Sharkfest: Raging Bullshark
    For years, the smaller, unremarkable-looking bull shark has come in third behind the great white and tiger sharks when it comes to deadly attacks on humans. But as climate change warms the world's waters, and its territory begins to spread, the bull shark enters the ring to prove its worth and leave with the title of the world's most dangerous shark.
  • Sharkfest: 50 Shade Sharks
  • Sharkfest: Zero Shark Thirty
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    Saturday 24 April 2021 at 11:00PM - National Geographic
  • Sharkfest: Doliphins vs Sharks
    The longest war on earth isn’t between neighboring countries fighting over a shared border. It’s between two ocean predators, and it’s been going on for over two million years. National Geographic’s Sharks vs. Dolphins: Blood Battle keeps the excitement of SharkFest going with the ultimate head-to-head contest that will never produce a victor.
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    Wednesday 14 April 2021 at 8:00AM - National Geographic
  • Sharkfest: Shark Cano
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    Monday 12 April 2021 at 1:00PM - National Geographic
  • Sharkfest: World's Deadliest Sharks
    NGC counts down the top ten most terrifying sharks from around the globe. Using a specially designed "Crittercam", we'll dive into the shark world and see everything from an intimate moment between nurse sharks, to a bull shark on the prowl for its next meal. Then, we'll take you to a Mecca for great white sharks, and see them feed on one of their favorite snacks 'seals. From the scary, to the ugly, and the downright freakish, we'll show you what's really lurking in the darkness.
  • Sharkfest: Sharks of Lost Island
    A team of highly motivated scientists led by Enric Sala sets out on a treacherous journey to the Pitcairn Islands.
  • Sharkfest: Shark Vs. Surfer
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    Wednesday 21 April 2021 at 12:00PM - National Geographic
  • Sharkfest: When Sharks Attack - California Killer
    Nat Geo WILD travels to Southern California, where, until recently, beachgoers had nothing to fear except sunburn. In 2008, a tri-athlete was killed by a mysterious shark off the coast of San Diego, after which Southern California was rampaged by a series of vicious attacks, one of which led to the death of a 20-year-old just north of Los Angeles. Watch as experts race against the clock to find a way to stop the bloodshed before the deadly creatures strike again.
  • Sharkfest: Shocking Sharks
    Venture into a world of ludicrous-looking, bizarrely behaved and downright Shocking Sharks to discover a new side to these feared fish. The tasseled wobbegong uses frilled camouflage to blend into coral reef surroundings. A cigar-shaped shark has the fitting name of the cookiecutter for the way its circular jaw tears flesh from its prey. The horn shark's square, blunt head gives it its name, and the way the epaulette shark walks along the ocean floor is what makes this shark so weird.
  • Sharkfest: Why Sharks Attack
  • Sharkfest: I,Predator - Great White
    The great white shark, is locked in a battle for survival with the Cape fur seal which are difficult to capture
  • Sharkfest: Invasion of the Bullshark
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    Wednesday 28 April 2021 at 1:00PM - National Geographic
  • Sharkfest: Sharks In The City
    The Gold Coast resort in Australia has an issue that few other cities have to contend with - sharks in the suburbs. Each year there are increased reports of Bull Shark attacks. Scientist Jonathan Werry believes the answer begins with a better understanding of the shark itself. Internationally, research scientist Greg Stunz follows tagged Bull Sharks in Corpus Christi, Texas…
  • Sharkfest: Jaws Lagoon
  • Sharkfest: Cannibal Sharks
  • Sharkfest: Eyewitness: Shark Attack: Revenge of The Reef Shark
  • Sharkfest: Great White Code Red
    This film examines the great white shark's incredible array of senses, which help to make it such a powerful and successful predator.
  • Sharkfest: When Sharks Attack - Florida Frenzy
    In spring 2012 three surfers along Florida's Mid-Atlantic coast are savaged within 24 hours – but is a rogue shark really to blame?
  • Sharkfest: 24. Hours with Sharks
  • Sharkfest: Red Sea Jaws
    In December, 2010, the popular tourist resort of Sharm el-Sheikh hit the headlines when four swimmers were brutally attacked and one killed in a spate of unprecedented shark attacks. What had turned the warm safe waters of the Red Sea into a real life horror story? One witness describes the scenes: "It really was like a scene out of the film Jaws". With the help of forensic experts and shark scientists we ask if rogue sharks are to blame, or have practices in the tourism industry led to these tragedies?
  • Sharkfest: America's Deadliest Sharks
    Op mod 175 hajarter lever i havene omkring USA, men kun en håndfuld af dem er kendt for at angribe mennesker. Men på trods af det har vi flere hajangreb hvert år her end i resten af verden til sammen.
  • Sharkfest: Planet Carnivore - Great White Shark
    In South Africa's False Bay, mornings are action-packed - and bloody. That's when Haai, a huge, female great white shark, hunts for Cape fur seals. The seals themselves leave their rocky island to fish in what locals think of as "The Gauntlet." Closer to shore, a family of African penguins is raising their chicks - and timing their fishing to when the fur seals are absent. Unfortunately, lately Haai has been having trouble catching the seals. Despite her superb senses and incredible weaponry, she's gotten so big that she can't maneuver as well as she used to. Great whites tend to target specific animals as their prey - then they concentrate all two tons and twenty feet of power on catching, killing, and eating the individual seal. Haai has chosen a young fur seal, for her next meal -- we'll call him "Rob," the Afrikaans word for seal. But Rob is elusive - and disinclined to play along with the usual routine - and the two intelligent, determined creatures enter into a daily contest of wits and abilities. Meantime, the entire neighborhood is about to be hit with a mighty blow. Something in the open ocean is growing bigger - and it is headed for Haai's neighborhood. It will be a huge benefit for many - but it will also be the ultimate problem for the white shark -- and for Rob, her seal prey. Once a year, the new crop of sardines begins a migration back to their birthplace - and they have to pass False Bay in order to get there. Sardines follow the coldest currents, and in the Gauntlet, the cold seawater ribbon gets narrow and close to shore. It's an open invitation to every predator on the South African sea coast - and they all arrive, feasting on the confused sardines. Tiger sharks, bottlenose dolphins, gannets and other marine predators all follow the sardines for the week or so that it takes the little fish to realize they've made a big mistake. When they do, the bait balls of silver snacks suddenly vanish back into the deep blue sea - leaving frustrated, still hungry, seals, penguins, sharks and countless others. This year, several young great whites have also been following the sardine run to False Bay. Great whites live on fish when they're small, and graduate to marine mammals - like Cape fur seals - when they transition to adulthood. Now, these newcomers are searching for the perfect place to do just that, and they're going to find it in "the Gauntlet." Haai is about to be faced with stiff competition for the seal meals she's already having trouble with, Rob is going to find himself hunted by more than one Great White Shark, and the penguin couple will suffer a terrible tragedy. Will the big boss of False Bay manage to conclude her hunt - and survive despite the arrival of younger, faster, sharks? Will Rob, the fur seal, manage to out swim - and outsmart - the new predators as well as his original nemesis? Who will be left in False Bay at the end of the sardine run, and who will survive "The Gauntlet?"
  • Sharkfest: Sharks of the Bermuda Triangle
    It's over 500,000 square miles of rumored mysteries. In reality, the Bermuda Triangle may be filled with something even more incredible - Sharks. Marine Biologist Dr. Austin Gallagher is searching for the holy grail of shark research - the secret breeding grounds of tiger sharks, and he's hoping one special shark can lead him to it.
  • Sharkfest: Eyewitness: Shark Attacks
    As more people bring cameras into the water, they are capturing more shocking footage of the most feared and revered ocean predators-- sharks. With shark attacks on the rise, do these top predators see us as prey? Experts weigh in on some of the most amazing shark events captured on video to reveal the secrets behind the attack. In Key West, a Caribbean reef shark bites a chunk out of a spear fisherman's leg. In the waters off Guadalupe Island, a cage diving expedition goes horribly wrong when a huge shark charges the cage and gets stuck between the bars. Just off the beach in Cape Cod, a shark researcher gets the shock of his life when a great white breaches directly underneath him, mouth open wide. Why did these incidents occur? Are sharks targeting people for food? By examining the terrifying footage, we might be able to find out.
  • Sharkfest: Monster Fish - River Shark
    Zeb Hogan is in Florida, investigating stories about man-eaters living in waterways far from the ocean.
  • Sharkfest: When Sharks Attack - Panic In Paradise
    In April 2008, a Mexican tourist destination's safe waters suddenly start to suffer a sustained series of attacks on surfers.
  • Sharkfest: Man v. Shark
  • Sharkfest: Wild Case Files - Shark Attack Beach
    In the Cotswolds, a mystery beast stalks a walker and her pet dog, while in Florida a popular surfing spot is the world's shark-bite capital.
  • Sharkfest: Eyewitness: Shark Attack: No Way Out
  • Sharkfest: Whale vs Shark
  • Sharkfest: That's Bullshark
  • Sharkfest: Forecast: Shark Attack
  • Sharkfest: Eyewitness: Shark Attack: Great White Invasion
  • Sharkfest: Shark vs. Predator Showdown
  • Sharkfest: Great Shark Chow Down
  • Sharkfest: Shark Kill Zone
  • Sharkfest: Blitzkrieg Sharks
    For years, the line between predator and prey had been drawn. Animals were safe on the shore and in the air, the sharks ruled beneath the waves, but now that line has been crossed. Find out how sharks are pushing the limit of the predator and prey dynamic.
  • Sharkfest: Shark Survivors: USA
    Across the coastal waters of the United States, witness breath-taking shark behaviour, rare shark footage and interviews with experts and attack victims.
  • Sharkfest: Sharkatraz
    The worst of the worst, the toughest of the tough were all sent to The Rock. And they all wanted to escape. But their biggest obstacle wasn't the walls, the bars, the razor wire, or the guards - It was the sharks. And the guards made sure all the prisoners knew it. That's why they call it SHARKATRAZ. We'll investigate the frightening shark myth the guards used to prevent escapes.


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