• Wicked Tuna: North Vs South show

    Wicked Tuna: North Vs South

    New England anglers steam South to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for the winter bluefin tuna season. They will face new...

  • Clash of The Titans show

    Clash of The Titans

    Opening day of winter bluefin tuna season in the Outer Banks brings returning champions, almost champions and a new Northern...

  • Stick 'em show

    Stick 'em

    Captain Nick Gowitzka on Little Shell has long touted the greenstick as the secret to his success. But not everyone in the...

  • Family Pride show

    Family Pride

    Will the greenstick continue to give the Little Shell an edge, or will his more traditional rod-and-reel rivals prove...

  • Pay To Play show

    Pay To Play

    Time is money in the search for "blue gold," and as the pressure builds, financial concerns weigh heavy on the captains minds.

  • Bugging Out show

    Bugging Out

    Southern crew Reel E Bugging fights to prove their place in the competition after a dangerous setback and no bluefin on the...

  • Little Boat, Big Tuna show

    Little Boat, Big Tuna

    While Northern boat Hot Tuna leads the fleet, Southern underdog Rasta Rocket fights to break out of the pack. Can the little...

  • New Blood show

    New Blood

    A new bluefin season in the Outer Banks finds Northern boats plagued with a new wicked tough Southern fleet in competition for...

  • Down To The Wire show

    Down To The Wire

    With final paychecks on the line, big fish on the hook and so little time, a fight to the finish is the only guarantee.

  • Blood, Sweat And Tears show

    Blood, Sweat And Tears

    Only the strong survive but who has what it takes in the battle between man and nature?

  • High Speed Chase show

    High Speed Chase

    Every second on the water is valuable with the Bluefin Season nearing an end. The luckiest captains battle it out for the...

  • Redemption show


    As the seasons quota dwindles and sustainability limits are stricter, bluefin fisherman are feeling the pressure to get paid.