• Wicked Tuna: Outer Bank Showdown show

    Wicked Tuna: Outer Bank Showdown

    It’s winter in the Outer Banks where only the strong survive. This season the Bluefin are bigger, more profitable, and...

  • Ultimate Champion show

    Ultimate Champion

    It’s the last day of fishing and every boat is out trying to make one final paycheck and possibly secure the title -...

  • Revenge of the Underdogs show

    Revenge of the Underdogs

    Northern Champ Tyler McLaughlin faces great adversity, while the front-runners look to extend their lead.

  • Quota Smasher show

    Quota Smasher

    Local Captains find their groove as time marches to the end of bluefin season, while the Northern boats fight to keep their...

  • The Chase Is On show

    The Chase Is On

    With Reel E. Bugging in the lead, the rest of the fleet races against the clock to close the gap.

  • Tow the Line show

    Tow the Line

    The Southern boats have been dominating the competition all season long, but now the Northern Captains push to make a big move.

  • Sick as a Seadog show

    Sick as a Seadog

    During Pinwheel’s fight back from the bottom, Tyler gets hit with a debilitating illness, putting all the pressure to...

  • Blueprint for Bluefin show

    Blueprint for Bluefin

    When fish become hard to find, strategy becomes the key to catching. Who can outsmart the rest of the fleet to land a bluefin...

  • Beggin' for a Bluefin show

    Beggin' for a Bluefin

    As weather windows put a strain on fishing, most of the fleet stays cautious, but Bobby and his mates will do whatever it...

  • Turnaround Tunas show

    Turnaround Tunas

    The Gloucester champions take advantage of good weather, strategizing to find big bites, and gain ground against the tough...

  • Red Boat Revenge show

    Red Boat Revenge

    Four-time champion Captain Greg Mayer aims to retake the lead, while Captain Robert Earl knows, "A Fish a Day Keeps the Frenzy...

  • No Time For A Slump show

    No Time For A Slump

    Pinwheel’s Tyler McLaughlin may be in last place now, but the former northern and southern champion spells trouble for the...