• Wicked Tuna show

    Wicked Tuna

    The most skilled fishermen test themselves in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic to find the rare bluefin tuna fish.

  • Top Four Frenzy show

    Top Four Frenzy

    Four captains battle for their right to claim the top spot, while the rest of the fleet fights to stay competitive.

  • No Time To Loose show

    No Time To Loose

    In a neck-and-neck race for the top spot, the fleet strategizes where to fish as they anticipate an announcement about the...

  • Monster Finale show

    Monster Finale

    As the Bluefin season ends, the captains fight for their last paychecks, but it’s down to four top boats to battle it out...

  • Make the Grade show

    Make the Grade

    Legendary father figures from Hard Merchandise and Moonshine pass down their knowledge to knock down Time Flies and Dot Com...

  • Bet On Bad Fish show

    Bet On Bad Fish

    Hot Tuna takes a gamble to go double or nothing in order to help their family business during Captain TJ Ott’s hardest...

  • Marciano On Deck show

    Marciano On Deck

    After missing several trips with the boys, Dave Marciano returns to the Hard Merch to prove his worth.

  • Redemption show


    After an unsuccessful solo trip, Captain Paul calls in a former mate in hopes of salvaging his season and proving he’s a...

  • Weather The Storm show

    Weather The Storm

    The captains race to catch tuna before a storm chases them off the water. But how much is FV-Tuna Dot Com willing to risk to...

  • Dream Team show

    Dream Team

    Team Time Flies fights to reverse last season’s poor finish, while Wicked Pissah struggles to find fish, or even get along...

  • Mutiny show


    After catching only one fish through the first half of the season, frustrations boil over on the Wicked Pissah.

  • Marathon Monster show

    Marathon Monster

    In the most challenging fish fight so far this season, the two-person team on Pinwheel gets pushed beyond their limits...