Whether it’s a fetish for female bodybuilders or a love affair with balloons, the most outrageous obsessions and seemingly strange rituals exist in every society. 

Returning with more of the world’s weird and wonderful, Taboo highlights people and practices branded ‘taboo’ by society.

This brand new series features some eccentric Brits - including a Londoner with a bizarre collection of curiosities ranging from a dodo’s leg bones to authentic human shrunken heads, world record holder Elaine Davidson who stands proud on the streets of Camden, exhibiting her 8,000+ body piercings, and Mistress Liliane and her housemate Jen who reveal their enthusiasm for puppy play (that’s when Jen takes on the role of a pooch named Tyke, even sleeping in a tiny cage, whilst Liliane plays her owner).

Other episodes explore strange sexual pursuits, folks who take their physical...
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