Apocalypse: Hitler Takes On...

Monday 27 May 04.00pm

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Apocalypse: Hitler Takes On...


  1. Monday 27 May at 04.00pm

    The Trap

  2. Monday 27 May at 05.00pm

    Last Battles


May 10th, 1940, Hitler takes on the West. Nazi tanks and planes ravage the countryside and cities of Belgium, Netherlands and Northern France. In Dunkirk, which has become a bottleneck, 330,000 British and French troops flee in complete mayhem. As Hitler enters Paris, his planes are about to pour a flood of steel over London and all of England. Will he precipitate Europe into the Apocalypse?


Season 1
  • The Trap


    Nine months after the onset of World War II, Hitler attacks the West Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Great Britain with intense violence.

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  • Last Battles


    France is in chaos. The French people take to the roads, trying to escape. The government signs an armistice as Germans take over half the country.

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