Apollo 13: Revealed

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Apollo 13: Revealed


Retrace split-second decisions and perilous action inside the crisis in National Geographic Channels new series Critical Situation. This rapid-fire series takes viewers inside seemingly routine events that became headline disasters in a matter of minutes. Each hour-long program combines archival footage, accurate re-enactments, advanced CGI and firsthand accounts from those at the center of the action. Building suspense with each heart-pounding movement, Critical Situation vividly breaks down the terrifying moments outlining the life-threatening risks, daring decisions, frantic communications, evolving tactics and last-ditch efforts developing with each decisive tick of the clock.


  • Sas Jungle Rescue


    25 August 2000 - follow the mayhem as the SAS and British paratroopers attempt to rescue 11 members of a British peacekeeping force taken hostage by a notorious armed rebel group in Sierra Leone.