Border Protection Spain

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  1. Saturday 9 December at 04.00pm

    Border Trouble

  2. Saturday 16 December at 04.00pm

    Back on the Radar


The Spanish Coastguard are a team of elite professionals who risk their lives daily to protect the 8,000 kilometres of Spanish coastline. We follow these brave men and women who fight to intercept drug smugglers, human traffickers and illegal poachers. The team are also on call day and night to launch rescue missions to those in peril.


Season 1
  • On Patrol 24/7


    The team gets busy with an alleged case of domestic violence, while an attempt to smuggle drugs into the country raises alarm bells at headquarters.

  • Border Trouble


    A joint operation with France takes place in the Island of Madeira, while in the Mediterranean Sea, a sailing race may have a precarious end.

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    Saturday 9 December at 04.00pm
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  • Poachers


    A suicide attempt sends the Coast Guardsmen into treacherous waters, while a German boat may carry more than just tourists onboard.

  • Under the Cover of Darkness


    A high-speed chase on a moonless night puts the crew in danger, while a different kind of enemy threatens Spanish marine resources.

  • Thrown Overboard


    Divers must abandon their anti-drug operation to attend to a potential drowning. Night patrols get busy trying to stop clandestine fishing boats.

  • Back on the Radar


    The Coastguard team goes after a well-known drug trafficker. Meanwhile, patrol boats round up tobacco smugglers near Gibraltar and another team track down human traffickers.

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    Saturday 16 December at 04.00pm
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  • Search and Seize


    The Coastguard is called to help a group of people stuck on the side of a cliff. While an investigation of a suspicious boat yields unexpected results.