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Has there ever been life on Mars, that long-coveted planet? To answer that question which is the subject of much lively debate in the scientific community, Europe decided to launch an unprecedented mission, extending from March 2016 to late 2018. A mission that, besides deploying real technological wizardry, also fuels a battle to conquer Mars waged with the United States, whose Curiosity project is to date a scientific success. Like ExoMars, the European mission, this documentary is a thrilling long-distance adventure that takes the viewer behind the scenes on the mission, looking into scientific relationships and giving information to address a question raised by exobiology, a question that is both legitimate and fantastical: did life develop on the Red Planet? This film goes right to the heart of the European Space Agency (ESA), France's space agency in Toulouse (CNES), the Cosmodrome launch base in Baikonur, and Thales Alenia Space, to look at the ExoMars human and scientific enterprise, from the design stage through to the launch of the first module and discussing some of the Red Planet's most fascinating aspects. Scientists, enthusiasts and observers will give their perspective and look at the issues that may arise. Against a background of ideological war between two friendly continents.


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