Fiennes Return To The Wild

Sunday 26 May 08.00pm

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  1. Sunday 26 May at 08.00pm

    Hell or High Water

  2. Wednesday 29 May at 03.00pm

    Hell or High Water

  3. Friday 31 May at 10.00am

    Hell or High Water


Sir Ranulph Fiennes, 'the greatest living explorer,' and his cousin, actor Joseph Fiennes, embark on a journey through Canada's British Columbia, traversing challenging landscapes, amid stunning scenery. On route they discuss Ran's historic triumphs, perilous expeditions, and recent Parkinson's diagnosis - using this shared experience to strengthen their familial bond and create lasting memories.


Season 1
  • Hell or High Water


    Ranulph Fiennes and his cousin Joseph travel Canada’s wilderness and amidst stunning scenery reflect on Ran’s epic life and recent Parkinson’s diagnosis.

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