Gok's Chinese Takeaway

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Gok's Chinese Takeaway


Gok Wan, the fashion star, harbours a secret wish - within the next few years, he ll want to buy over his father s take-away restaurant and turn it into something of his own. Gok sets off to visit Chinese communities around the globe to discover their take on Chinese food outside of China. From the UK to the Caribbean through to the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia, Gok will meet people who take him on food adventures and spark ideas.


Season 1
  • Paris


    Paris: Gok Wan heads to Paris, where he uncovers a legacy of Indochinese flavours. He whips up a feast that celebrates the diversity of the French capital. (S1, ep 2)

  • London


    London: Gok Wan embarks on a journey of inspiration as he makes plans to turn his dad's old takeaway shop into something of his own. (1 of 6)