Ice Road Rescue

Monday 10.00am

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Ice Road Rescue


  1. Monday 5 June at 10.00am

    Feast Or Famine (Season 1)

  2. Tuesday 6 June at 10.00am

    Crazy People (Season 1)

  3. Wednesday 7 June at 10.00am

    Beggars Can't Be Choosers (Season 1)


The mountain passes of Norway are some of the most dangerous roads in all of Europe. And when winter hits, the transport roads turn into treacherous bobsleigh tracks with trucks and cars skidding and sliding everywhere, blocking vital trade routes and in extreme cases, causing fatal accidents. But never fear, up and down Norway there are brigades of brave rescue workers, who work around the clock to keep the roads safe and open. It takes a special breed of men to pull off the perfect `Ice Road Rescue'...from a driver smuggling nappies (of all things!) out of Norway, to a truck in trouble full of fresh fish threatening to go bad - the rescue teams of Norway have their work cut out in this nail-biting series!


  • Marathon Mission


    Marathon Mission: Thord and Bjoern are tested to the limits when they have to rescue a truck from falling into a lake. U. (S7, ep 1)

  • Test Of Mettle


    Test of Mettle: Thord and Bjoern battle one of Norway's biggest storms in a decade as they try to rescue a truck loaded with steel girders. U. (S7, ep 2)

  • Roadblock Emergency


    Roadblock Emergency: Bjoern is put under pressure when a head-on collision between two trucks blocks an ambulance on an emergency call-out. U. (S7, ep 3)

  • Absolute Destruction


    Absolute Destruction: Thord and Bjoern face the ultimate rescue challenge when a truck is destroyed after crashing 40 metres down a mountainside. U. (S7, ep 4)

  • Blizzard Showdown


    Blizzard Showdown: When a mountain blizzard causes a double accident, Bjoern is forced to call his rivals for help. U. (S7, ep 5)

  • Triple Jeopardy


    Triple Jeopardy: Jo Roger's rookies are put to the test with a triple rescue, but the mission gets off to a rocky start when their most powerful truck gets stuck. U. (S7, ep 6)

  • Winter's Payback


    Winter's Payback: Thord and Andrzej fall prey to the Norwegian winter and, in a shocking twist of events, they end up in need of rescue! (S7, ep 7)

  • Police Hold-Up


    Police Hold-Up: Thord and Bjoern face a roadside stand-off with the police when they're forced to stop a rescue in its tracks. U. (S7, ep 8)