Lawless Island

Monday 05.00pm

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Lawless Island


  1. Monday 22 April at 05.00pm

    The Swimming Dead (Season 5)

  2. Tuesday 23 April at 05.00pm

    Halibut, Hoist and Home (Season 5)

  3. Wednesday 24 April at 05.00pm

    The Hunter and His Dog (Season 5)


The volatile climate of Southeast Alaska challenges Port Protection's residents who live on the edge of society. Gary battles father time while securing needed resources. Curly pushes through in the wake of a tragic loss. Mary faces her fears to survive in extreme conditions. Sam fights to preserve the only lifestyle he's ever known. Squibb looks to improve upon his surroundings. And Stuart deals with past injuries as he battles the elements.


  • Everything Eats Each Other


    Everything Eats Each Other: When a massive sunken tree blocks the local waterway, Matt Carlson uses his boat and a rope to try to haul the stump to safety. 12+. (S6, ep 2)

  • Uphill Battle


    Uphill Battle: Residents of Port Protection join forces to move a thousand-pound sawmill to Carl and Morgan's property. 12+. (S6, ep 5)

  • Deadwood


    Deadwood: Veronica tries to fell a tree. Sam and Squibb set nets for sockeye. Oliver builds a rainwater catchment system. Carl and Morgan install a garden. 12+. (S6, ep 6)

  • Alaskan Gothic


    Alaskan Gothic

  • A Run At The Kings


    A Run At The Kings

  • Treasure & Hunters


    Sam and Troy embark on a treasure dive. Mary stalks a buck. Curly sets a skate for big fish. Oliver quests for firewood.

  • Apex Predator


    Residents race to complete projects before winter. Curly constructs a duck blind. Oliver and Breanna try to load up on crab.

  • Wolfpack


    Tim “Curly” Leach may have bitten off more than he can chew as a pack of wolves turn a routine duck hunt into a potential bid for survival.

  • The Huntress and the Greenhorn


    Breanna puts her lifetime of hunting experience to the test on a solo mission for deer but encounters some unsettling signs.

  • Grandpa's Pot


    Breanna and Oliver drop pots for shrimp. Sam and Curly help each other out and look for salmon. Squibb and Matt make major upgrades.

  • Last Flat Day


    Residents spend time and energy to get results before winter. Matt and Carl get ready for an epic journey. Oliver chases after deer.

  • This Must Be The Place


    With the help of neighbors Carl and Morgan, novice crabber Matt Carlson breaks in his new boat in an iceberg minefield.