Lost Treasures Of Rome

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This new discovery-led series follows archaeoogists on the front line, as they unearth Roman treasures across the world.



Season 1
  • Hidden Secrets of Pompeii


    Archaeologists embark on new digs in Pompeii – they unearth a sacrificial skull, investigate a strange mummy, and crawl through underground tunnels.

  • Rome’s Sunken Secrets


    Off the coast of Sicily, maritime archaeologists find traces of a fierce battle that changed Ancient Rome’s history, catapulting it to power.

  • Secrets of the Colosseum


    How did the Colosseum come to symbolize the might of Rome? Archaeologists venture into the ruins and unearth long-lost amphitheatres to find clues.

  • Nero’s Lost Palace


    The Golden House lies beneath Rome. Why was the vast place buried? And what can its fate reveal about its builder, the notorious emperor, Nero?

  • Secrets of Rome’s Great Wall


    Experts investigate Hadrian’s Wall, the biggest structure Rome built, to reveal the secrets of life and death on the ever-changing edge of empire.

  • Pompeii’s Lost Twin: Herculane


    Experts investigate Herculaneum’s grisly skeletons and uncover what happened in the deadly final hours after Mount Vesuvius erupted.