Nazi Megastructures: Russia's War

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Nazi Megastructures: Russia's War


  1. Friday 31 May at 04.00pm

    Blitzkrieg in the East


This is the story of Hitler's attempts to liquidate the Russian people and gain living space for his superior Aryan race. All the way to the gates of Moscow and back to the heart of Berlin, this is a conflict of annihilation culminating in the collapse of the Third Reich. The series reveals the cunning strategy, military technology and defensive megastructures deployed in this devastating war of brutality between giants.


Season 1
  • Blitzkrieg in the East


    This is the story of Hitler's invasion of Russia, one of the biggest invasion force ever assembled in military history and the lesser-known story of how the Germans met their match on the shores of the Black Sea at Sevastopol.

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