Nazi Weird War Two

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Nazi Weird War Two


Seven decades on from living memory fades, the dark corners of the web are teeming with tales of the bizarre. Dr. Sam Willis, a UK-based historian, and Robert Joe (RJ), a Korean-American urban explorer, combine their talents to embark on a journey to set the record straight. They re one of the oddest partners since Mulder and Scully, and just as determined to get to the truth that s out there. Whether its reports of Nazis dabbling in the occult, the world s worst man-eating crocodile attack, or a long-lost train carrying stolen gold, a path of twists and turns will show us that, when it comes to war, truth is often weirder than fiction.


Season 1
  • Himmler's Haunted Castle


    Robert Joe and Dr Sam Willis are on a mission to uncover the strange secrets behind Heinrich Himmler's Wewelsburg Castle in Germany.

  • Hitler's Meth Heads


    Hitler's Meth Heads: Sam and RJ investigate claims that Hitler's crushing 1940 victory at Fort Eben Emael may have been aided by a performance-enhancing drug called Pervitin. Rating: 12+

  • Secret Art Fortress


    Secret Art Fortress: A British officer makes a shocking find: at a 900-year-old castle near the front line lies a vast collection of priceless artworks. (S1, ep 3). All Ages.

  • Crocodile Massacre


    In 1945, 1000 Japanese troops perished in crocodile-infested Burmese waters, in the world's worst crocodile disaster. But is all as it seems?