New York Super Airport

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New York Super Airport


Costing over 8 billion dollars, the new LaGuardia Airport will be one of the biggest American infrastructure projects of recent times. More than 8000 men and women will work together to transform the airport into a modern, 21st century ‘superhub’. Over the next three years of construction, they will create more than double the amount of available space for aircraft, and massively boost passenger capacity. The catch? They must keep the existing airport 100% operational while they build the new one around it. Can they prevent this airport from descending into chaos and delays?


Season 1
  • Skyscraper Terminals


    Designers push the limits of a tight site and the team build a world-first; twin 450-foot-long pedestrian bridges that allow aircraft to pass beneath.

  • Building on Water


    The team digs deep into reclaimed land but hits trouble that threatens to delay the build, while ironworkers fight to connect their biggest truss yet.

  • Moving Passengers and Planes


    The team races to complete Terminal B and its twin bridges in time for the grand opening, while a brutal snowstorm brings the airport to its knees.