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  1. Friday 26 April at 05.00pm

    Muhammed Muheisen: Finding the Light


Photographer takes us on a journey alongside the world’s most extraordinary visual storytellers. Each hour-long episode follows the life of an iconic photographer from their childhood and career beginnings to their present-day life and endeavors. Through interwoven backstory, archival, interview, and verité footage of their current mission, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of each photographer’s process, how they found themselves behind the camera, and how iconic images are made.


Season 1
  • Paul Nicklen & Cristina Mittermeier: Win or Die


  • Anand Varma: Hidden Wonders


  • Krystle Wright: Heart Explosions


    World renowned adventure photographer Krystle Wright heads to the United States to chase storms, rock climb, and make epic images.

  • Muhammed Muheisen: Finding the Light


    A world-renowned conflict photographer, Muhammed Muheisen captures refugee stories, finding moments of joy in the midst of war, tragedy, and upheaval.

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    Friday 26 April at 05.00pm
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  • Dan Winters: Life is Once. Forever.


    Dan Winters endeavors to capture the apex of human endeavor: the Artemis launch and a long dreamed of personal project: the shipyards of Bangladesh.

  • Campbell Addy: Feeling Seen


    Campbell Addy photographed celebrities from Beyoncé to Meghan Markle, all before age 30. Now he faces a turning point and is redefining himself as an artist.