Positive Energy

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Positive Energy


In this series Dallas Campbell and Kari Byron travel the globe meeting the innovators that are creating new ways to power our world into the future. The world faces a huge challenge - we are used to energy at the flick of a switch, fast cars and cheap, fast transport; but how do we meet our needs without damaging the planet? Our hosts will reveal visionary large and small-scale projects across the world and help create a new energy installation.


Season 1
  • Americas


    Travelling across the US and Brazil, Dallas Campbell and Kari Byron reveal how innovation and collaboration hold the key to the energy of the future. From community based solar projects bringing energy to the favelas of Brazil to the radical and futuristic transport system Hyperloop in California, they will meet, interview and participate with the teams who are inventing new ways to create and use the sustainable energies of the future.

  • Africa & China


    In China, Dallas and Kari learn how the waste oil from the restaurant industry could be turned into 30 million tonnes of biodiesel. In Nairobi, Kenya, Dallas installs a gravity powered light and cooks with a stove that's saving millions of trees. In China, Kari visits a tidal current generator built by a beef jerky millionaire. In Rwanda, Dallas investigates the largest off-grid battery system in Africa. Finally, in Chengdu, China, the hosts set up a bio-digester that turns pig poo into methane.

  • Europe


    Europe: The series investigates the power of coffee beans and discovers how Iceland runs entirely on renewable energy. Dallas takes to the skies in an electric plane. (2 of 3)