Science Of Stupid

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Science Of Stupid


  1. Friday 2 June at 04.10am

    Episode 1 (Season 2)

  2. Friday 2 June at 04.35am

    Episode 2 (Season 2)

  3. Saturday 3 June at 04.10am

    Episode 3 (Season 2)


WARNING: By tuning into this show you will witness a whole host of potentially dangerous and seriously stupid stunts performed by some dedicated daredevils. Please resist the temptation to try this at home. We explain the science behind what went wrong, whether it's down to a lack of consideration for the principles of velocity, rotation, friction (ouch!) or kinetic energy, one thing is for sure, you can't beat science!


  • Episode 1


    Discover what went wrong when cornering in a go Kart, using an outboard motor and jumping out of plane without a parachute.

  • Episode 2


    Discover the science behind what happens when you throw a fishing net. Plus, the fails from building your own Luge track and what happens when you dive into shallow water.

  • Episode 3


    Learn the science behind what went wrong. Here, a look at internet fails, from inflatable slides to swing burpees and kitesurf rolls.

  • Episode 4


    What went wrong when attempting a ski double backflip? Find out here, plus the chemistry of carbonisation and walking downstairs on your hands.

  • Episode 5


    Learn what you should never do while building a champagne tower or taking off in a paraglider. Plus, Dallas Campbell reveals all you need to know about vortices.

  • Episode 6


    In this episode we learn the science behind the fails, when urban downhill cycling, smashing eggs and surfing the biggest wave ever.

  • Episode 7


    Find out what happens when you try snowboarding without any snow, and discover the science behind the fails of boat-building and walking the plank.

  • Episode 8


    We learn the science behind the mishaps when grass-boarding, attempting aerial splits and kayaking over waterfalls. (S8, ep 8)

  • Episode 9


    Dallas Campbell analyses the science behind mishaps involving kayak surfing, biking along ridges and felling trees.

  • Episode 10


    Dallas Campbell reveals the scary science behind more mishaps and misadventures as he explores how ordinary people tried and failed to do car doughnuts and handstands.

  • Episode 11


    We learn the science behind what not to do when bunny hopping on a scooter, putting up a roof and jumping with a snowmobile. (S8, ep 11)

  • Episode 12


    Dallas Campbell hosts the show that analyses the science behind the fails, including what happens when unloading a truck, multi-tasking and back-flipping on a motorbike. (S8, ep 12)

  • Episode 13


    Discover the science behind the mishaps when driving on the beach, long-distance running and freediving. (S8, ep 13)

  • Episode 14


    Learn the science behind the fails when learning to kite surf, rollerblade-flipping and using compressed air. (S8, ep 14)

  • Episode 15


    Discover the science behind misadventures when towing a boat, building a tree swing and attempting a barefoot waterski tumble. (S8, ep 15)

  • Episode 16


    Combining serious science with some of the craziest clips ever recorded, we learn the science behind predators hunting and flammability.