Seconds From Disaster

Saturday 07.00pm

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Paul Bernays/NGCI
Seconds From Disaster


  1. Saturday 20 April at 07.00pm

    Pearl Harbor (Season 4)


The third series of SFD will continue to build on this successful format that combines the dramatic human drama of real life disasters with a forensic analysis of the chain of events that triggered each event. It will extend the brand's extension into iconic, historic disasters, and pilot a new approach to disasters that don't necessarily have an official investigation, under the sub-heading "Situation Critical".


  • Chopper Down


    Chopper Down: A look at Chinhook HC-2's fatal crash in Scotland which killed 25 people. Plus, all hell breaks loose when a US Black Hawk falls on the streets of Mogadishu in Somalia.

  • Deadly Details


    Deadly Details: A look at the cockpit fire that killed 229 people onboard Swiss Air 11 and how simple wear and tear caused the death of 520 passengers flying on Japan Airlines Flight 123.