To Catch A Smuggler

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To Catch A Smuggler


  1. Thursday 28 September at 01.00am

    Cocaine Shoes (Season 2)

  2. Friday 29 September at 01.00am

    Lockdown Lockup (Season 3)

  3. Saturday 30 September at 01.00am

    Fentanyl Within (Season 3)



  • Boatloads of Coke


    CBP finds an SUV loaded with meth at the border and counterfeit cash in Atlanta. Operation Blood Moon yields 2000 kilos of cocaine in Puerto Rico.

  • Hot Drugs


    In the heat of El Paso, CBP stops 30 kilos of cocaine from crossing the border. Officers intercept $150K worth of illegal pills in Philadelphia.

  • Bananas and Blow


    At Philly Seaport, CBP finds containers loaded with coke. In El Paso, the cartel thwarts HSI’s controlled delivery of 40 kilos of marijuana.

  • Popped for Pills


    CBP and HSI target 30,000 ecstasy pills intercepted in Germany bound for PHL. CBP finds $143K of meth at the border, and an ancient statue at JFK.

  • The Coke Eater


    CBP questions a man traveling from Panama suspected of ingesting pellets of coke. PR AMO agents track down a boat loaded with $51M worth of cocaine.

  • Dope in the Hood


    HSI in California organizes undercover drug buys with numerous traffickers. CBP El Paso intercepts Coyotes heading back into Mexico.

  • Freeway Meth


    HSI in San Diego tracks a vehicle stuffed with meth all the way to Long Beach. CBP & HSI in Philly test a new drug detection device.

  • Ice Cold Cocaine


    CBP in El Paso finds $1M of cocaine hidden in a refrigerated cargo truck. LA HSI executes controlled delivery and arrests recipient of date rape drug.