UFOs: Investigating The Unknown

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  1. Sunday 28 April at 01.00am

    Citizens Take Charge

  2. Sunday 5 May at 01.00am

    Government Breaks Silence


Since the 1960s, the United States government investigated the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. For decades, these investigations remained a secret, until all was exposed in 2017. Now, the full story is revealed in UFOs: Investigating the Unknown. Featuring credible testimonies from governmental and Naval officials, and once-classified footage – hidden secrets are revealed...

Only available on the National Geographic channel (Sky 129, Virgin Media 266). 



Season 1
  • Secret Pentagon UFO Program


    For more than five decades, the U.S. government has refused to discuss UFOs. But now, Navy pilots tell of seeing mysterious objects tracking their fighter jets – vehicles unlike anything they’ve ever seen. Government officials, led by former U.S. Senator Harry Reid, demand an investigation. At long last, it looks like the truth about UFOs may finally be revealed.

  • Giant UFO In Texas


    In 2008 in Stephenville, Texas, a local pilot sees lights in the sky over his ranch coming from something huge. He is not alone: hundreds of people saw the craft, and a local reporter makes it her life’s work to tell their stories. From this classic encounter we head back several decades to the beginning of the UFO phenomenon in America and the launch of Project Blue Book to study the country’s growing “UFO problem”.

  • Close Encounters at Nuclear Bases


    Project Blue Book and the investigation into UFOs closes. There is no evidence that mysterious objects represent any threat to U.S. national security. But harrowing incidents of UFO sightings continue, and the unexplained malfunction of U.S. nuclear missiles after an incursion leave the U.S. defenceless. Three former Air Force officers who served at nuclear weapons bases in the 1960s break two decades of silence to tell their story.

  • Citizens Take Charge


    From a 1986 sighting over Alaska by Japanese Airline pilots to a 1997 UAP sighting over Phoenix Arizona, and a flying disc over the Chicago O’Hare airport in 2008, hundreds of witnesses come forward without any official feedback from the U.S. government. Years later, many of the pilots and government officials who witnessed these sightings come together for the first time to share their story in a 2007 press conference.

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  • Government Breaks Silence


    In 2015 Navy pilots report having strange encounters with UFOs that have no wings, no cockpit, no exhaust, but somehow can fly with great agility.

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    Sunday 5 May at 01.00am
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