Ultimate Airport Dubai

Wednesday 28 June 11.00am

Courtesy of Dubai Airports
Ultimate Airport Dubai


  1. Wednesday 28 June at 11.00am

    Episode 8 (Season 2)

  2. Thursday 29 June at 11.00am

    Episode 9 (Season 2)

  3. Friday 30 June at 11.00am

    Episode 10 (Season 2)


Nat Geo TV has been granted unprecedented access to one of the busiest global hubs on the planet and the home of Emirates, one of the world's largest airlines: Dubai International Airport. Step inside to see the 90,000 staff responsible for over 70 million passengers on 350,000 flights a year tackle illegal smugglers, angry passengers and huge engineering projects. This is truly a 24/7 job, expect shocking situations, unexplained events and incredible incidents in Ultimate Airport Dubai.


  • Mega Planes


    Mega Planes: It takes over 2,000 engineers to keep the world's largest fleet of Airbus A380 in top condition. With such high stakes, no problem is too small. (S5, ep 1)

  • Mega Engineering


    Mega Engineering: Dubai International is in the race to become the world's biggest airport with a massive new concourse using 930-thousand cubic metres of concrete. (S5, ep 2)