Africa's Super Snake

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Africa's Super Snake


Meet the African rock python, a 20-foot snake that could crush you to death in minutes. Though rarely seen, its strength and man-eating reputation makes it hugely feared in South Africa.


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  • Africa's Super Snake


    She's 20 feet long. She has no hands, no arms, no legs, but she'll crush you to death in 15 minutes. She's an African Rock python and she's queen of the constrictors - snakes that squeeze for a living. Snakes that grow to 20 feet are few and far between, the fear that these snakes evoke in humans is nothing short of primal. There are 3 that are regulars in this elite club, the Green Anaconda and the Reticulated python, but it's the Rock python that combines her size and strength with a unique speed and aggression that places her at the top of this giant, cold blooded pile. On the savannah of South Africa, she goes about her daily business? But...