Australia's Deadly Monsters

Australia's Deadly Monsters © WildBear Entertainment
Australia's Deadly Monsters


Australia's Deadly Monsters are supremely adapted to life in harsh and dangerous habitats, lurking deep within the heart of this ancient continent. Many of them have rarely been seen by human eyes. This series takes us on a journey through three Australian outback terrains and into the lives of some of Australia's frightening, ugly, freaky - but above all - deadly creatures. In the floodplains, in the desert dunes, and in the moisture-filled highlands of an otherwise arid landscape, we will explore the unique lives, habitats and hierarchies of some of Australia's monstrous creatures.


Season 1
  • Nightmares of The North


    Australia's tropical Top End is literally teeming with life - and death. Saltwater Crocodiles, toxic Box Jellyfish, and White-bellied Sea Eagles thaht rain death from above.

  • Outback Terrors


    Scorched and drought stricken, these extreme conditions have given rise to dramatic outback monsters - iridescent scorpions, boxing kangaroos, and the world's most venomous snakes battle for supremacy.

  • Stone Cold Killers


    Monstrous raptors, vicious devils, cunning death adders and more; meet the Stone Cold Killers patrolling the undergrowth of Australia's vast forest reserves. Adept survivors, these savage beasts stop at nothing to take their quarry any which-way they can - dead or alive.