Born In Africa

National Geographic
Born In Africa


We will be able to follow each stage of these cute little fluff balls growing up. We will tremble with their mothers and share moments of tenderness with them, like when their babies open their eyes for the very first time. We'll witness their first steps out in the wild, nursing moments, see them grow up, feeding, and being educated, whether collectively or among siblings.


Season 1
  • Survival School


    All newborns must immediately assimilate two fundamental notions: recognizing their mother as individuals of their own species, and learn to master the body they are discovering.

  • Dangerous Playground


    Each species follows a different rhythm of growth, and this applies to the learning process. As the days go by, we will witness each of our characters' progress and missteps.

  • Hunting Lessons


    Our little fluff balls now know their place within the family. Now, those "teens" are armed to face the new dangers that lie in wait for them in the savanna.