China's Wild Side

China's Wild Side © NHNZ
China's Wild Side


Explore two very different wildlife ecosystems that are both surprising and rich with diversity. Tibet, dominated by a vast high altitude plateau, is home to animals that have evolved to cope with the thin air; from the great bovine, the wild yak, to snake that can only live in volcanic springs. While, Yunnan -a lush subtropical paradise - has perhaps the greatest diversity of all of China s regions, home to the nation s only elephants, as well as the highest living primates on earth, the bizarre snub-nosed monkeys.


Season 1
  • Tibet's Animal Kingdom


    Tibet's Animal Kingdom: Welcome to the mysterious land of Tibet. Known as the roof of the world, its incredibly high altitude pushes even the toughest survivors to their limits. (1 of 2)

  • Magical Beasts


    Magical Beasts: Explore the unseen world of Yunnan - home to snowy peaks, dense tropical rainforests and more animal species than anywhere else in China. (2 of 2)