Exotic Animal ER: Double Dose

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Exotic Animal ER: Double Dose


  1. Sunday 4 June at 06.00pm

    Exotic & Chaotic (Season 8)

  2. Sunday 11 June at 06.00pm

    On A Mother Level (Season 8)

  3. Sunday 18 June at 06.00pm

    An Unlucky Very Bad Day (Season 8)


On Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER, the cases and cures are as wild and unexpected as the animals that come through the door. Along with her skilled and dedicated staff, Dr. Susan Kelleher treats a dynamic array of patients ranging from goats to monkeys, birds, rabbits, pigs, fish and every imaginable animal in between. "Everything but dogs and cats. If it will fit through the door, I'll treat it," is Dr. K's motto!