Hidden Wonders Of Europe

Thursday 03.00pm

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Hidden Wonders Of Europe


  1. Thursday 27 June at 03.00pm



There are countries in Europe that are often overlooked as natural history film making locations. The series selects four countries with outstanding natural beauty and a staggering wealth of fascinating wildlife.


Season 1
  • Germany


    Meet Germany’s secret survivors. From the North Sea to the Alps, the wild spaces in Europe’s most populous nation hide many curious animal characters.

  • Iberia


    In Europe’s far southwest sun, seas and snow batter the Iberian Peninsula. Forging unique habitats that throng with species found nowhere else on earth.

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  • Poland


    Poland: Poland is one of Europe's last natural gems. From the Baltic Sea to the Carpathian Mountains, the country is home to a wide range of unique creatures. All ages. (S1, ep 3)

  • Greece


    Greece is a land of ancient myths and legends. Here, the country’s wildlife must seize every opportunity to survive in this turbulent land of gods.