Kingdom Of The Oceans

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Kingdom Of The Oceans


Diving into the planet’s waters, Kingdom Of The Oceans features astonishing footage that showcases the majesty of the underwater world. Shot at over 50 locations around the world and with eighty different species, this breath-taking four-part special offers a deeper insight into the aquatic side of nature, from the coastal shores to the open sea. With almost three quarters of the Earth’s surface covered by water, the oceans host a variety of remarkable wildlife – from the large to the tiny, and from the hunters to the hunted. Splash to the depths of the seas to experience the thrill of the chase as predators stalk their prey and get up-close with a variety of marine animals, from the gigantic blue whale to shoals of tuna, as you come one step closer to understanding the great watery unknown.


Season 1
  • Fire & Ice


    Fire & Ice: Awe-inspiring exploration of underwater life, including a look at the dolphin and the penguin, two of many creatures that live in the ocean yet breathe air. (4 of 4)

  • Giants Of The Deep


    Giants Of The Deep: A stunning exploration of the vast and colourful life swimming in the depths of the oceans, which includes Earth's largest animal, the blue whale. (1 of 4)

  • Predator's Paradise


    Predator's Paradise: Stunning look at the magnificent corals that provide shelter for a wealth of colourful species, as well as create calm lagoons for a whale and her calf. (3 of 4)

  • Sand Wars


    Sand Wars: Astounding look at the majesty of underwater life, from cunning camouflage to the life-saving refuge provided by the ocean's huge forests of seaweed. (2 of 4)