Legendary Catch

Thursday 10.00pm

National Geographic
Legendary Catch


  1. Thursday 8 June at 10.00pm

    Monster Marlin

  2. Thursday 15 June at 10.00pm

    Dino Fish


Over the last 45 years, Carter Andrews has been anchored in life by a drive and zeal for extreme fishing. Taking what he's learned over that time and applying those lessons to new challenges ranging from the deep blue ocean to fresh water lakes and rivers, Carter is known the world over as the complete angler. Follow Carter as he sets forth on an international journey fuelled by his passion to track down and catch the fish of legend and lore that he has only heard stories of over his career. From floating The Amazon River in search of giant Arapaima fish the size of which have rarely been seen in decades, to braving the wild rapids of the Pacific Northwest in pursuit of North America's fabled largest fish species - The White Sturgeon, Carter will immerse himself in the expedition and the different cultures he meets along the way to find the fish at the end of his line. Knowing no bounds, Carter will stop at nothing to catch and respectfully release these fabled fish and cement his legacy in fishing lore.