Monster Fish

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Monster Fish


  1. Sunday 19 May at 02.00am

    Raging Amazon (Season 2)

  2. Sunday 19 May at 03.00am

    Thai Eden (Season 2)

  3. Monday 20 May at 02.00am

    (Season 3)


Zeb Hogan knows fish. And he's taking on his most ambitious task yet - entering the realm of the shark to find the ultimate Monster Fish. On his journey, Zeb encounters fearsome bull sharks, freaky hammerheads and giant whale sharks, and dispels myths about these creatures along the way.


  • Vampire Fish


    Zeb is in search of one of the freakiest fish in the world. Vampire Fish, known locally as payara, weigh up to 40 pounds, hunt like great white sharks and make acrobatic leaps like giant tarpon.

  • Monster Fish: Fantastic Beasts


  • 400lb Super Stinger


    Join Zeb on his South American adventure as he navigates the murky rivers of Northern Argentina in search of the largest freshwater ray on the continent, the short-tailed river ray.

  • Giant Killer Catfish


    Join Zeb as he heads to the ancient French town of Albi in search of Europe's largest freshwater predator, the wels catfish, where he witnesses one of the most bizarre feeding behaviors he's ever seen

  • Shark Eating Goliath


    Join Zeb as he searches the tropical waters of Florida in search of the largest west Atlantic grouper, the goliath grouper.